Is the only way to a woman’s heart really diamonds?

The whole day yesterday, all you could hear was “empower woman, woman day, be bold for change” etc.  I thought to myself…How can I co something for my woman, just to show how much she is a true, independent and successful woman.  I thought let’s buy her a present…but my bank manager said “are you joking?  you want a mortgage to buy her diamonds for International Woman day”?  I thought…fair point…So, what could I do to make her feel extra value…Then…light bulb moment: cook!!!

Cooking a true feast for a discerning woman is such a challenge, so I thought let’s make something nice….So for starter Tian of crab with Kaiso salad, main sea bass, potatoes and desert was indulgence…Hummingbird selection…

Meal sparked so many great conversations, it was so nice to see her super chilled and even hear “Sooooo nice not to cook”…and guys, this really didn’t break the bank but the yield in terms of smiles and happiness was definitely so worth it…

So, one day late…Happy International Woman day to all of you out there ladies


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