Playing with your food


This is how the conversation started this morning…

“Lion, do you know that Aloe Vera has amazing properties…not just for burns”. Me “No, what do you mean”…

And this is how I got organic Aloe Vera added to my morning smoothie…I don’t know about you, but the thought of drinking it just made me shiver.  I actually contemplated running away screaming “my wife has gone mad…she is feeding me a plant”. Well….Little did I know…

First, it actually didn’t change the taste of my smoothie at all.  Then (and I am sure many blokes can identify themselves here) I did some research on google (of course without telling her) and discover that, actually (and don’t ever tell her I said that) she was right and it is full of goodness for your colon etc.  Would I ever use it a spread to put on my toasts in the morning…No way, but…”hidden” in smoothie, quite nice…And amazing when you burn yourself (even sun burn)… so…a good experience all round I would say…


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