A week in Tastebud Heaven

What a week to be in Dubai…If you are on a diet or only like salads, this was probably the worst week ever.  Today marks the last day of the Dubai Restaurants week and my Fitbit is now telling me “Great, you enjoyed it now get your backside in gear”.

After trying 4 different places, from Gaucho to Rhodes W1, Marina Social and Sea Fu, I would struggle to find one “best one”.  Some like Sea Fu had the waiters flying around the tables like they were running marathons, some like Gaucho took the concept of “back to basic” so far, it looked like they had sliced a chunk of the beef and left it on the plate…

But they were also great in their own ways…Gaucho produced insanely tasty profiteroles, Sea Fu a beautiful Tuna carpaccio…So, for me the best doesn’t exist on its own, but as a combination of all…I would happily eat in Rhodes for the decor and for Gabriel, who is an amazing waiter, for their white tomato amuse bouche, and their divine starter (beetroot simply lush), the cod loin of Marina social.

For me, the surprise of the week was a “tidy” Eaton mess from Marina social…I won’t spoil the surprise…go and try it


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